Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ellen and Richard Hohmann - Contributors in South Jersey Biz Article

Ellen and Richard Hohmann asked to be contributors to an article titled, “No Problems to Report” by Jennifer Nelson (South Jersey Biz, Volume 2, Issue 1).

The article focused on the difficulty facing supervisors and managers today in terms of having to deal with a wide range of personality traits and behavior. Some of the contributors felt that over 30% of an employee’s performance in the workplace is tied to their individual behaviors. In the article, Elizabeth Faircloth, Vice President of Augur, Inc. stated that, “I don’t think many companies realize how important an employee’s personal actually is. Both Ellen and Richard know for a fact that they don’t.

Ellen and Richard Hohmann have specialized in teaching companies and their people to better understand both the differences in personalities and the resulting behavioral tendencies that they will exhibit in the workplace. Individual performance and the productivity of the organization can certainly be linked to this. It is also important that managers or supervisors understand the cultural and generational differences present in the workplace today. After all, the effectiveness of any organization is a direct reflection of people being engaged with the company’s business strategy. This engagement cannot occur without a better understanding of these “people” traits.

Engagement is certainly one barometer that can be used to measure if the personality of the workers is understood. After all, a more engaged workforce is more productive making the company more profitable. Sure makes sense to us. Richard also uses Behavioral Assessment Instruments with every Executive Coaching client. It is important that excellent communication be achieved and assessment help with that immensely.

The uniqueness about the Leadership Courses offered by Innovative Leadership is that they don’t focus on content, they focus on the expected behavioral change needed by the participant to be more productive. Adults learn differently than children and content driven programs have been shown to deliver little of no change. Behavioral-oriented programs do make a change…in the employee and the company. As our slogan says, “We change companies, one employee at a time”.

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