Thursday, June 13, 2013

Do you have trust in your company?

96% of engaged employees trust their leaders vs
46% of the disengaged employees trust their leaders

I was reading an article this past weekend where it refers to a Gallup poll that estimates that 71 percent of employees are not “engaged” on the job. This result tells me that employees have lost their motivation to give 100%. Disengaged employees believe that their time and energy is being wasted on others and they're working to fulfill the goals and dreams of others and not theirs.

It is no longer about the shareholder ROI but it is all about me, the employee. It is time for the employee to get motivated. Motivation is internal and we have to create a work environment that allows the employee to be motivated to take an action that will demonstrate his or her “all” and insure that the employer gets the ROI.
Employers and employees both have expectations, yet rarely are they on the same page.

Monday, June 3, 2013

10 Reasons Why Companies Should Invest More In Management Training

I’ll get straight to the point.  Why should companies invest more in management training?  Here are 10 simple reasons.
1) An employee’s relationship with his or her direct manager is the most important single factor in employee engagement.

2) Engaged employees are happier and more productive.  Disengaged employees are frustrated and more disruptive.

3) Because there’s no widely agreed-on skillset for management (good managers come in all shapes and sizes), there’s an assumption everyone knows how to do it.  This is akin to someone who’s never driven before being given keys to a car and told: “Drive.”  (Many many years ago, this is how I first learned to manage.  I blundered my way through it.  Trial and error.  It wasn’t pretty.)