Wednesday, January 11, 2012

HR reSOLUTIONS for 2012

It's not too late to start implementing reSOLUTIONS into your daily activities as a Human Resources professional. Here are 15 suggestions to get you started on a new and exciting path:
  1. Increase Employee Engagement
  2. Reduce Stress in the Workplace
  3. Get a Grasp on Social Networking
  4. Increase the Use of Temporary and Part-Time Employees
  5. Be the Point Person for Succession Planning (Be prepared for Those in Retirement Age)
  6. Integrate Strategy with People Value
  7. Make HR a Strategic Partner
  8. Manage Change in Culture and Growth
  9. Focus on Employee Relations
  10. Provide Legal Updates to Managers and CEO's
  11. Develop a Performance Management Process
  12. Establish Coaching and Mentoring Programs for Employee Retention
  13. Develop a Leadership Program
  14. Create an Onboarding Process vs. Orientation
  15. Tie in Your Recruitment Practices with Strategy, Culture, Mission and Vision

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