Thursday, April 11, 2013

What is a Leader's Primary Role?

When will the current leaders realize that their primary role and responsibility is to develop their people?  In other words,  developing the future leaders of the company should be the one skill set that carries the most weight with any performance evaluation.  For a People Development process to succeed, it must be totally supported by the Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team.

The key to any succession planning process or high potential development tract is the fact that all involved have a complete understanding of the design for the outcome.  The goal should be a stable of future leaders that can assume a more advanced role if needed to do so tomorrow. With warmer weather around the corner a great example is Baseball Season starting; it is similar to creating all-star utility infielders.  Multi-positional players that have the talent to assume any position when needed.  That's the design of the final three positions on any major league team.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Everything DiSC Workplace Case Study

This case study focuses on two people from one company that used the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile and the companion Everything DiSC Comparison Report to make progress toward improving the quality of their workplace.. Jennie and Joe (names have been changed) worked closely together on the Marketing Team.    While pay and benefits were above average, their job satisfaction and relationship was rapidly deteriorating.  

Jennie's priorities and strengths were generating enthusiasm, taking action, and collaborating with others. She was motivated by working in a high energy environment where everyone could express themselves and build warm relationships.   Being isolated in a dull, unsocial environment and being forceful or insistent with others were stressful and sapped her energy.