Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm an employer! I've got the upper hand, why would I need a pre-hire assessment?

With Innovative Leadership's Pre-Hire Assessments you gain an understanding of an employee's potential, their attitude towards leadership, and their potential for unacceptable behavior.

Our various pre-hire assessments, Before You Hire and The Achiever™ Series, guide you through the hiring process while cutting costs associated with hiring, selection, and retention.

Featured Pre-Hire Assessment:
The Achiever™
The Achiever combines cognitive and personality scales to provide a well-rounded picture of your potential employee. This assessment allows you to maximize the fit between employment demands and the abilities, aptitudes, and personality of the potential employee. More Info

Assessing talent is not impossible....with the right tools it can be done with measured results. Interested? or Questions? Contact Us