Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Problem with Leadership Development

I really enjoyed an article by that appeared online in the Chief Learning Officer blog on May 22nd titled, The Problem with Leadership Development. I was particularly interested in their six problems that undermine leadership learning and developmental initiativesAlso, that these problems flow from deeply held convictions reinforced by so-called best practices. The problems noted are as follows: 1) Evaluation, 2) Definition, 3) People, 4)Content, 5) Pedagogy, and 6) Rationale.

Focusing on the Evaluation Problem, I agree that leadership development programs are rarely evaluated in a meaningful manner. This is why most training programs end up becoming failures.  In most cases, no real metrics for success are defined prior to the start of the program, therefore there is no foundation or baseline on which to base success or failure. I wouldn't call it a “dirty little secret” but it is true.  

I don’t mean to “toot my own horn” but we are the only company in our area that provides a 180 degree feedback mechanism for each participant and the course evaluation is completed by not only the participant but the participant’s immediate supervisor or sponsor. Our entire learning process focuses on getting results. We really focus on behavioral change that results in: 
  • Support individual development goals
  • Improve morale
  • Enhance engagement
  • Strengthen participant skills for future career opportunities 
  • Helps the company build their succession plan

I would like to say that the problem with Leadership Development today is the fact that companies are not focusing on the future of their company regarding the development of their future leaders.  Most personnel departments or HR professionals now report directly to the financial officer and the attitude coming from that department usually reflects some sort of  “cost cutting measures”.  Leadership Development does cost money and requires an investment in your future leaders but there are metrics that can determine your ROI. 

Don’t let the financial commitment hold you back, because the talent that you develop today directly correlates with the future success of your company.  The most valuable asset you have is the talent and skills that your people bring to the workplace.

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