Thursday, June 13, 2013

Do you have trust in your company?

96% of engaged employees trust their leaders vs
46% of the disengaged employees trust their leaders

I was reading an article this past weekend where it refers to a Gallup poll that estimates that 71 percent of employees are not “engaged” on the job. This result tells me that employees have lost their motivation to give 100%. Disengaged employees believe that their time and energy is being wasted on others and they're working to fulfill the goals and dreams of others and not theirs.

It is no longer about the shareholder ROI but it is all about me, the employee. It is time for the employee to get motivated. Motivation is internal and we have to create a work environment that allows the employee to be motivated to take an action that will demonstrate his or her “all” and insure that the employer gets the ROI.
Employers and employees both have expectations, yet rarely are they on the same page.
Basically, clarification of these expectations is not always present so the understanding is not achieved and we have an unmotivated employee and a dissatisfied employer.
As a manager, you must make sure that you understand the strategy of the company and you have a clear vision of their desired outcome. You need to know where they are guiding the company and what they want the outcome to look like when they arrive. Understanding breeds connectivity and good communication avenues solidifies this knowledge or understanding. How can you get an employee to come “on board” when you can’t tell them where you are heading?

Tim Rutledge, Author of “Getting Engaged: The New Workplace Loyalty” defines engagement as employees who are attracted to, inspired by, committed to and fascinated by their work”.

The various levels of engagement involve certain ingredients that do make a difference:
• Relationship Building
• Goal-orientation
• Passion, and
• Forward Thinking

Isn’t it time that your company’s leadership team focus on Motivation
– with the end result of Engagement. 

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